Privacy Policy

We are, a reputable media company with users at heart.

Our privacy policy is aimed to assist those who are interested in their Personally Identifiable Information (PII) on how it is been managed. In line with the US privacy law and information security, PII contains means of identification of a single individual.

What is the personal information we retrieve from our website users?

Whenever you visit our site for the first time, as required by relevant regulation, you may be asked to input your location, type of device, or other relevant information to aid your user experience with us.

When is your information collected?

We collect user’s information when you use Google location services to enter our site.

How do we make use of your information?

We may use information collected from you through survey, newsletter, or other site features as stated below:

  1. To aid friendly user’s experience and deliver the type of content you are most interested in
  2. To ensure our website meet up with your unique demand
  3. To enable us to offer better content and service in line with our customer’s service request

How do we secure a user’s information?

Our website is fully encrypted with the necessary security patch to ensure all information are not
vulnerable to invaders and safe as best.

We do carry out a regular Malware Scanning and have a reliable SSL certificate. Besides we only offer engaging articles and informative contents that are to keep you entertained, we never ask for your details such as email address, house address, or credit card numbers. Only when you leave a comment on our site, an email will be required and the comment is subject to moderation by our site administrators.

Do we use cookies?

Yes, we do. Cookies are little files that service provider transfer to your device with the aid of a Web browser that allows the service provider to recognize your browser and fetch and store certain information. All these processes are aimed to aid user experience and offer the best content you are interested in. Using cookies enable us to get the right data about our site number of visitor and engagement so we can meet up with future demands.

1. Track Advertisements
2. Compiling data about site traffic and user engagement. We may use recognized and trusted parties’ services to track information on our behalf.

Third-Party Disclosure

FlexyBuzz does not sell or otherize transfer user’s personally identifiable information to a third party except a prosecuted legal authority’s sole demand. Note: This does not abide by those who are also assisting us in running and conducting business on this website effectively like website hosting partners and relevant add management agencies.

Outbound Links

We sometimes use our discretion to include third-party products or services on our website. Third-party sites are offering different and independent privacy policies from us. So we do not hold responsibility or liability that may arise from the activities and content you may see on those websites. But we always ensure to maintain our integrity and welcome feedbacks and recommendation.

Third-party Advertising

Google and other relevant add management network are entitled to information about users each time you visit this website, so these advertisers will match ads that are best suited for you based on demography and other login information. To match up with the right disclosure obligation with respect to Google’s use of data, you can read more in details by using this link

Feel free to ask us question about our privacy policy by contacting using the contact page or shoot us a mail through [email protected]