Johnson encouraged Trump’s accusations of US voter manipulation to be condemned

Boris Johnson has been under pressure to pursue European leaders to warn Donald Trump that if he tries to assert ballot fraud in the US presidential election without any supporting evidence, he will be harming democracy worldwide.

On Wednesday, the Prime Minister said it was not for the United Kingdom, as an ally of the United States, to interfere in the country’s domestic politics, an assertion that contributed to Labour’s allegations of cowardice and contrasted with a stronger stance by German politicians.

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said: “It is important that all politicians who encounter voters directly build confidence and results in the political process.” He added that it will be “premature” to comment more, considering that ballots are still being counted.

“The German chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the Bundestag, Norbert Röttgen, characterized the actions of Trump as” really incredible, and it is also with great sorrow for many, many Germans to see this terrible behavior.

Trump was accused of trying to encourage civil unrest by the leadership of the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD), with co-leader Saskia Esken saying: “In a democracy, any vote” A candidate behaves anti-democratically even though he is the sitting president, who asks not to count absentee ballots, “Esken added.” More than ever, it is true that against populist and nationalist agitation

The UK Justice Secretary, Robert Buckland, appeared on Sky News and became the first minister to hint at some opposition, calling for a “smooth” power transfer if Trump loses the presidency.

“He added,” We’re all waiting to chew our nails to see what could happen in those major swing states. But what is crucial from our point of view is that we want a smooth transition for the major democracy in the world, We wish them well, whether it’s the same president or the same president.

Ministers will be hesitant to contact Joe Biden to congratulate him on his win before Trump has conceded defeat, but there is a risk that the US president will not do that, and will contest the outcome either by lengthy vexatious legal appeals or by urging his backers to take to the streets instead.

Tom Tugendhat, chairman of the select committee on foreign affairs, sought to escape overt critique of Trump’s argument that he backed Republican Senate leader Mitch McConnell in his call to keep counting the ballots, but said it would be incorrect for the UK to get involved at this stage.

“Asked whether Trump’s appeal to the findings was accepted, he said:” If he has evidence, let him carry it. That is how a just and transparent rule of law runs. If he does not, so the mechanism is actually compromised. Keep voting, keep yourself cool.

An alert shot was sent out by Tobias Ellwood, the Independent Chairman of the defense select committee. The way America controls and promotes the democratic process over the next 48 hours, with authoritarianism rising internationally, will influence the authority of all Western nations to protect, sustain, and support the political process. And protect hard-fought values in a moment of increasing global uncertainty.”

Emily Thornberry, the shadow trade minister, told ITV’s Peston that Johnson and Dominic Raab, the UK foreign secretary, had declined to condemn Trump.

When he had been the monarch of every other country in the world, the foreign secretary and prime minister must have found that out. “She added:” He’s acting. like a tyrant of Tinpot … and it’s not appropriate and it should be called out.”

It is tallied as the last votes for the new US president. The hours and days ahead constitute a critical measure of American democracy. Many of the principles which the Guardian holds dear have been threatened over the last four years: freedom, civility, honesty, the supremacy of the free press.

Trump’s four years have weakened democratic confidence, emboldened white supremacists, intensified climate change, and damaged the role of America throughout the world.

Yet, amid the orchestrated suppression of votes and the growing pandemic, Americans turned out to vote in record numbers. When the ballots are tallied, so we are in the final stretch. In a moment like this, it is not just optional, it is important to have an objective news outlet that advocates for truth and keeps the power to account.

With care and clarity, Flexybuzz will announce the election outcome, stop premature predictions, and fight disinformation with truth and informed research.

Flexybuzz has been greatly affected by the pandemic, like many news organizations. We rely on our readers to an ever greater degree, both for the moral strength to continue to do journalism at a time like this and for the financial strength to encourage the reporting.



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