7 Best Place to Find Free Books Online with Full Length No Sign Up

Place to Find Free Books Online with Full Length

You want to improve yourself by reading but finding books too expensive to buy or running on a tight budget? Here are places where you can find and get free books online.

For bookworms or Savvy readers, our everyday life is centered on acquiring new knowledge and gaining more insight either by outsourcing materials from the libraries or reading free books online. Library activities may be time-consuming and no longer safe with the recent pandemic outbreak.

Finding or getting free books online is a safer and adhering measure to prevent contamination and spread of Covid 19. The questions that may be poping your mind are; where and how to find and read free full-length books online, no signup?

However, as a Savvy reader, you may be quite familiar with Reddit or other online communities. In this article, we got you covered with the 7 best places to read full-length books online free, no sign up, or tearing up your budget.

7 Best Place to Find Free Books Online

Amazon kindle store

Kindle store is a fast-growing online book store as one of the most vibrant segments of Amazon. You need the service of any Amazon digital device, Kindle, Kindle mobile app, or Fire tablet to gain complete access. They also offer reads on an unlimited subscription or one-time purchasing fee for either ebook or paperback version.

Kindle store has gathered many free book admirers with the free online books offer as part of a promotion plan on newly released books by authors. The free promotion deal offers you chances to read and download titles from various categories and niches.

Kindle store is one you can always rely on to read and download full-length books online free, especially if you already have a Kindle device, Fire tablet, or Amazon kindle store app.

International Children’s Digital Library

International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL) is a hub for digital children’s books in 59 languages worldwide. It was initiated in November 2002 with direction from Dr. Allison Druin from the University of Maryland Computer Science.

A major objective to boost children’s online habits and encourage reading culture. Also, to enhance literacy for kids under the age of 3 to 13 years.

Books are published for use based on rightfulness, quality, and fully represented in their original languages with permission from copyright holders or authors. You can assist or teach your kids how to search for interesting books by language, country, length, and more filling keyphrase on your next visit.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a library with attention to ancient books that is no longer govern by the US copyright law due to expiration. Meaning you can make use of materials from there and enjoy for free in your leisure time.

It has over 60000 free books ranging from various genres to select from. You have the choice to download or read them online for free, including Kindle and epub format.

Note; being free does not make them less worthy of your reading time, but they are volunteers formatted work and well proofread books.

You don’t need any sort or kind of special app to access Project Gutenberg eBooks, but your regular browsers or ebook readers on your phone or computer will gain you total access.

One good thing I like about this website is finding free books by either searching by Author name, title, keyphrase, or sorting through bookshelves for related titles.

I knew this free behavior or habit is quick to get used to but definitely not a bad thing to be a bookworm.

Open Library

Here is another top-notch readers community to find free ebooks known as Open Library. They house over 1.7 million free books to online users as part of Internet Archive with outbound links to paid books.

One rear feature about this site is the option that allows users to make corrections and also contribute. You can find interesting romance stories which later turn out to standout as best-selling titles.

Start reading and writing by joining a community of millions of users on Open Library.


Goodreads is designed with readers and authors at heart with the ability to access its database of books, quotes, and more. Unlike most online bookshelves whose classification is based on free or out of copyright books, Goodreads has more modern ebooks to read free online by simply signing up and registering to gain access.

You can find free books on shelves tagged as “Free books” with their link to the parent company Amazon though they may not be available for free.


Smashwords offer similar services to the Amazon kindle store known for their distribution of online books. It is a seamless process for authors and readers to find all categories and book genres with over 60,000 free books to read online.

You can find titles placed on a free giveaway by browsing with keyphrases like ” bestseller” and “newest,” You don’t need to register an account to download them.


Unlike every other online book vendor, BookBub is a good intermediary to rely on to notify free books available for download on stores like Amazon, Smashwords, and more.

You can enjoy this by sign up for a free account while you get a notification each day with the link to free and discounted books based on your preference.


This platform is dedicated to promoting giveaway ebooks and goes extra by seeking deals from major vendors, so be very sure not to miss kindle, kobo, and more. You can find amazing titles by browsing by genre, authors, free ebooks, series, or sign up for FreeBooksy newsletter.


Have you gone through the listed platforms and still not find books you love for free or that got your attention? Check the related articles to find something engaging.

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