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How well do you know Theophilus Sunday and his spiritual father? Here are the facts of his biography you are likely to find interesting.

Theophilus Sunday is one of the most sought-after Nigerian gospel ministers with invitations within and outside the country. The song “Holy Fire” caught my attention in 2020 alongside gospel artists like Lawrence Oyor.

No doubt, Theophilus’s songs are always a pleasure for lovers of God and those who are on their way back to him after fallen short of glory. However, a lot has been happening around his life ever since rising to fame as one of the best Nigerian gospel ministers today.

So, we have put together this piece of article about Theophilus Sunday’s biography, Church, parents, net worth, and facts you may not know all this while. We also went on to find who is Theophilus Sunday’s spiritual father because we discover a lot of argument has emerged overtime within his fan base and other apostles of the Church.

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Theophilus Sunday Biography

Theophilus Sunday is a gospel minister who hails from North Central Nigeria in Dekina, Kogi State. He was born on 9th May 1987 and completed his primary education within the locality.

Sunday then proceeded to Ochaja Boys Secondary School, where he obtains a Senior Secondary School Certificate. He acquired his first Degree in 2011 from the faculty of Theatre Arts, Kogi State University (KSU).

On 5th November 2012, he was mobilized for National Youth Service Programme (NYSC) Batch C and awarded a discharge certificate in October 2013 after completing the one-year compulsory scheme.

All this while, Theophilus followed his dream and high hopes of gospel ministration. He has established himself as one of the best Chant worshipers alongside Lawrence Oyor and others.

Theophilus will live and be remembered for his famous quotes:

If the same Spirit that resurrected Jesus from the dead lives inside of us why then do we tell lies and fornicate?”, “If the Spirit does not give you utterance, can you be quiet even on Stage”, “It is dangerous to be a prayer without an alter,” “if you know the value of what you are waiting for, how long it takes, and how long you wait for won’t matter”.


Here are some of the notable songs of Theophilus, including some high spirit lifted for 2020

  • Holy Fire
  • Take over
  • There is a place
  • Spirit keeps me hungry.
  • Worship Tradition
  • My Life is yours
  • Set us on fire
  • My Superman
  • Yahweh
  • Take it away
  • Spirit Fire me up
  • Olishoke
  • Belong to you
  • My Desire
  • Until you form


Who is Theophilus Sunday Spiritual Father?

Sunday is a man and lover of the gospel, which has open doors to worship in the same sanctuary alongside other great men of God. He is usually associated with Apostle Joshua Selman, who made a prophecy over his rise to stardom. For some reason, many persons have seen and attributed Apostle Selman as the spiritual father of Theophilus Sunday.

Is Theophilus Married?

From all we could gather about his ministerial life and private dealings, He is not married to any woman or has children. So, for now, Theophilus is single with the rumor to be in a relationship. However, as soon as concrete evidence of his marital life surface, we will update and let you know.

When is Theophilus’ Birthday?

He usually celebrates his birthday on 9th May and currently 33 years old.

What is the meaning of Theophilus?

The name means “A friend of God, loved by God.” No doubt, Theophilus Sunday has shown to be a true friend and loved.

What is His Net Worth 2021?

As at the time of compiling data for this biography, Theophilus Sunday’s specific net worth couldn’t be accertained. But he is valued over $20,000. However, as soon as the exact amount from a reliable source is gotten, we will let you know the total value in naira.


We are glad you read all through. Do you feel like contacting Theophilus Sunday now after knowing much about his biography? Here is his social media handle for easy reach or connection: Instagram @theophilus_1spirit.

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