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Richard Russell Riordan is an American bestselling Author and novelist known as Rick Riordan. Became famous for Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. He was born June 5, 1964, and grew in San Antonio, Texas, where he graduated from Alamo Heights High School. He obtained certification in the music program at the North Texas State University to become a guitarist.

Rick Riordan was never serious with writing but began to develop interest after graduating as a teacher. He proceeded to the University of Texas, where he was awarded a teaching certificate. He had 15 years teaching spell at Presidio Hill School, including other public and private schools, as an English and history teacher.

He continued with life in San Antonio while as time goes on, he had missed Texas feelings, which led to writing a “hard-boiled private eye novel” centred in his home town. Finally producing his first book, “Big Red Tequila” and published in 1997. Awarded by Shamus and Anthony in the following year.

Following the success of the “Big Red Tequila” in 1997, Riordan published “The Widower’s Two-Step” in 1998, which matches the same theme as the second publication. Rick didn’t hold on there but followed suit with other amazing titles like “The Last King Of Texas” (2000), “The Devil Went to Austin”(2001), and a few more, including the Tres Navarre series.

Rick Riordan Motivated Writing Career

Riordan’s son, Haley, was diagnosed with ADHD and dyslexia while Rick put the Tres Navarre series together. He developed a key interest in Gree mythology as taught by his father. One day, Haley asks the father Riordan to narrate a bedtime story about Greek mythology heroes, which happen to be the beginning of the children’s books known for.

Riordan went on with the son’s wish and narrated as much as possible, but Haley was not satisfied and wanted him to go on. So he requested if his father could come up with something new but with similar characters while on Rick’s part, he continued to merge tales of a various kind all to meet his son’s wish.

After Riordan floundering, he came up with the main character named Percy Jackson. He narrated the story about Percy’s long search to rescue Zeus’s lightning bolt in modern-day America. The story was so lengthy and took him three-night to complete living the son impressed. With the joy and pleasure gained from the narration, Haley asked Rick to put it into a written format. Upon the request from his dyslexic child, Rick Riordan couldn’t object to but was motivated to meet his demand.

He made out time to write the first of the series titled Percy Jackson & the Olympians children’s book. He attributed most characters of Harley to Percy in support of kids passing through similar health difficulties. Hence, the famous Percy Jackson children’s series came into existence.

The Percy Jackson children’s book was published in 2005 and followed with four more books on the series: ‘The Sea of Monsters’ (2006), ‘The Titan’s Curse’ (2007), ‘The Battle of the Labyrinth’ (2008) and ‘The Last Olympian’ (2009).

After completing the Percy Jackson series, he moved over to the Egyptian tales and did some work on Norse mythology with his latest books series published in 2019 titled ‘The Trials of Apollo’, whose fourth book, ‘The Tyrant’s Tomb’.

All these years, Rick Riordan has gone on to sell millions of copies and sited a record number of times as The New York Times Best Seller list for Children’s book series.

Family Life

Rick Riordan got married to his high school lover on June 5, 1985. They both gave birth to two sons named Haley (1994) and Patrick (1998). They are all happily living in Boston since June 2013.

Rick Riordan Net Worth

As of March 2021, Rick Net is valued at $40 million as one of the richest American authors. He has acquired such fortune from his days as an English and history teacher with a promising writing career.


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