A scriptural quotation as known nearly by everybody. How many people really know and can comprehend this phrase?

It is the accompanying manifestation of the will of God. The Almighty, the Most Magnificent, most Faithful, the Holy One, and what have you?

The “Will” right from the primordial beginning does not deviate from its regular course to develop the entire creation. It is mediated by three fundamental laws; the law of Attraction of all homogeneous species, the law of Revolution and Reciprocal action, and thirdly, the law of Spiritual Gravitation. The above laws formed a network that intertwin in the working.

They as mediators of the “WILL” have effects on the human spirits. To avoid confusion, we that are wearing the physical bodies that can be touched and seen are spirits.

Every spirit enrolls on the network of Divine Will which makes any act of impossibility to tear ourselves away. The unceasing currents reflect the movement which drives everything in the lower part of creation to over-ripeness.

The human spirit as part of creation is also subject to the effects of this Will. Our activities are worked out in the laws, either as our judges in form of negative reactions or inaction. And as friends resulting from former positive actions or inactions. These may be termed: Karma, the law of retributive justice, or the law of sowing and reaping.

If one cares to know about the law of sowing and reaping, it necessitates knowing how individuals sew?

Man being spirit, not the physical body he wears, he has two abilities namely ability to attract and ability to form a decision.

His activities resulting from thought volition or intuitive volition and actions; are responsible for what develops for him in the part of creation that is not discernible with his physical senses. The effect surely relays to his physical body in form of joy, peace, health, or pains. With his volition, he is given the ability to determine his fate and master of his own destiny.

The factors militating against man are arising from his being indolent, conceit, and obstinate. The Almighty does not desire a man to be a robot that can be influenced electronically or a being that is perceived to have been subjected to unfair treatments as either to be perceived. The Human being is specially endowed with everything at his disposal.

It is the duty of man to search for the right knowledge to equip himself; for free decision making. As it is admonished that every man should be alive and conscious of his responsibility as demanded by the will of God.

Man has derailed as a result of subjecting himself to be a slave of intellect. This with its accompanying manifestations of greed, falsehood, and oppression.

Man has never been deprived of his capacity to free decision making right from his actual origin, the lowest level in the conscious part of the eternal sphere of spiritual substantiality.

This free will as part of the human spirit which occasions variation on the part of the human spirit in the time of maturity towards perfection.

The desire of man to remain in his comfort zone does not necessitate his bestirring towards fixing challenges that abound both physically and spiritually. Rather he is comfortable at pushing every affliction to the doorstep of the devil or enemies.

If it is something positive, he quickly and joyfully attributes the same to the work of God. It’s imperative to know that the lower part of creation is the domain of darkness. Any object found in the same sphere that falls in the definition of matter is a ready-made tool for darkness.

In another word, darkness is more powerful. For a man to be able to direct the destiny he needs to change inwardly a new or in local parlance ” born again” as popularly advocated in the conventional religious practices.

This can only be obtained if the laws meditating the Divine Will are recognized and accordingly, man adapts himself to them. The Almighty does not need a man to be in agony. What He wants for man is love, joy, and peace.

God does not know darkness as it is the work of man, having failed to heed His Will. The power endowed in every human spirit is expected to be used to the development of creation.

The power arising through the use of his volition is an energy that is capable of bringing about good or evil depending on the direction it is directed.

Right from the beginning, the power of dominion lies in it. Then the power when directed towards good produces homogeneous species. In the same vein, it results in negative consequences when misused.

There comes the law of sowing and reaping. Man cannot evade his responsibility any time he embarks on thought volition or intuitive volition.

The forms released move towards different directions to bring him the corresponding fruits according to what he earlier sent out. Because he is connected with the forms the latter constitute the channels through which he receives happiness or sad blow.

Man is always forming because of his special nature. The abilities are part of the human spirit. They are the properties.

It’s like when one observes electrochemical series in chemistry which show the various elements arranged vertically starting from potassium down to the least. The properties identify each of the elements in a given solvent. They are never separated from them.

The same applies to the human spirit because of the spiritual nature. The forms earlier released as a result of a thought or intuitive volition drop as soon as there is a change in volition. When this happens, the spirit has changed its fate; the former forms no longer receive energy if like nature.

The human spirit can change things around if the abilities are made use of instead of always casting guilt upon the devil or enemies whenever things do not go in the right way as presently being practiced by a section of the Christian Doctrine.

Reformation alone is the living road to forgiveness. No other road leads to the proximity of the Light. It emphasizes the need to change inwardly new for the old things to pass away.


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