Police brutality in Nigeria

Police Brutality in Nigeria: A Worldwide Phenomenon And Cases that have led to a call for End SARS!

The current happening that has to do with a particular segment of the Nigerian society has become a topical issue.

The alleged inhuman treatment meted out to the citizens in Nigeria by an operational arm of the Nigeria Police Force named “SARS” meaning Special Anti-robbery Squared.

It is supposed to be made up of men who have the fear of God that should perform the assigned duties for the betterment of society. But why the reverse if one may ask?

Causes of Police Brutality in Nigeria

The specially named unit is a part of the Nigeria Police Force. Basically the same training at the point of recruitment.

The nature of the duties assigned to them necessitated further training as it supposes to be to make the operatives above all odds.

What does society see of them generally, results in different from the anticipated qualitative service delivery?

If one may ask, how has the system become so frustrating as to cause general uprisings against SARS? The result is not far from the reach when considering the society which produces the manpower for the Nigeria Police Force.

Can a society get more than it deserves? Let us be frank with ourselves. Which of the segments of the Nigerian society that is absorbed of fraudulent practices; otherwise called corruption.

The same system produces our leaders in various governments or enterprises. Whether one names its banking sector. Various deductions from accounts of varied descriptions without the holders being given reasonable explanations.

Similarly, the judiciary supposes to be the final arbiter to dispense justice without fear or favor. Justice is dispensed in most cases based on “cash and carry” No money no justice. Many Nigerians have been in captivity without trials.

Lecturers inducing students either in monetary terms or in “Affinity for the mark” in the case of female students. There are others too numerous to mention as far as the societal decay device is concerned.

Are the citizens actually exonerated from this blame game as it affects our populace today? What is our attitude towards persons in authorities whose mandates are supposed to be custodians of the various institutions?

Are the men in uniforms respected by way of exhibiting humility as it relates to the people who are across them?

Police brutality cases are not confined to Nigeria alone. What about the “Yellow Vest Protest” in France in 2019, which raged on endlessly were some of the protesters subjected to various forms of brutality?

It metamorphosed to the stage of calling Emmanuel Macron the President to quit. How about the recent one in the United States of America which occasioned the death of George Floyd.

A Police operative kneeling on George’s neck to an extent that the victim shouted “I cannot breath”.
Police brutality is a global issue. What is the antidote to enjoy the benefits of the phrase ” Police is our friend”?

This brings us to the scriptural adage, a good harvest necessitates good seedlings. One cannot offer what he does not own.

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Solutions to Police Brutality in Nigeria

The basic training has a lot to do if the desired results are achievable. Police officers should be menthol based on mutual respect with the citizens.

sars brutality in nigeria 2020

If Police brutality is now a new name to make us hate the entire Police, what happens with the disappearance of the necessary evil. Citizens should tread softly to avoid throwing away the baby and the bathwater.

Everyone should see him or herself as a stakeholder. The general attitude by way of actions or inaction finally contributes to what a given society is made of.

By and large, the absence of Police means disorderliness. The Police are the custodians of any law and order.

A better system of recruitment, training, and administration need to be considered to enhance productive Police/public relationship.

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