My Stay and Dream in Azagba – Mr.Osayuwa

My Stay and Dream in Azagba – Mr.Osayuwa

I have looked for the chance to be a graduate of any course so that I can break the record of being the first person to attend former education outside Azagba village where I originated from – Osayuwa.

At the early beginning growing up in my local village called Azagba, Mr. Osayuwa was a popular retired primary school teacher who always encourages young members of the village to take education seriously. He said education is the befitting pinnacle to attain by anyone who wants to become great in life and well respected.

Although, Mr. Osayuwa only manage to earn a primary school certificate from one of the first Bible studies center founded by the Oduduwa royal family.

During his school days, he had 31 students who also compete to become medical doctors but the right facilities to aid learn were missing. Still, Osayuwa struggled to do farming with his parents and still attend lectures, all these made his life difficult and even restricted him from progressing to attend a former education in Badagry, Lagos state.

He was the eighth child of his family and the 106th member of his royal clown. Though his experiences have not made him a failure rather a means of encouragement to younger children like us who also have the same heritage and passion to become a recognized member of the clown.

Currently, Mr. Osayuwa Adun is married is to a fellow villager and they have settled with their local trade as the best plantain vendor in our village, Azagba.

He has five boys and four girls who are now happily married with their various family. Life will continue to look bright for his children because he has done remarkable things for the young and elderly. Mr. Osayuwa is a good adviser and knows how to settle land disputes between fellow villagers.

However, life can be so funny as time flies but the legacy of the heroes of Azagba lasts longer than every other small town and communities in the same geographical zone.

So now you know how unique my cultural heritage is, this is part of the motivation that guided me through my days at Ajasen federal college as an undergraduate of Orange Mining.

I could remember the story Mr. Osayuwa told me on a faithful Saturday morning on our way to the farm. He said he had the chance of becoming one of the palace guides to the Royal colonial administrators who came from Portugal but he turned the offer down.

Though the position as it is then was a dream for every young man who has a good physical appearance. He said his parents were never interested in him becoming a messenger to foreigners.

In the end, most messengers painfully get sacked and no source of livelihood, because they are not paid, compared to those who spent time farming.

He has no regrets by choosing to become a farmer despite no formal education. Mr. Osayuwa’s dream may have failed but he still has the chance of becoming the president of farmers in Azagba village.

The position commands a lot of respect and sometimes attracts local council funding. If he manages to attain such a position, he will become the first member of his clown to reach such a position.



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