Losing my virtue to a stranger – Teni Elcarim Dele Narrates

Teni Dele Narrates

Losing my virtue to a stranger – Teni Elcarim Dele Narrates

I was given admission to study law on the very year I turned 16…although my parents felt I was still young and vulnerable and mummy was even more scared but my godmother encouraged them to allow me to accept admission into the university of Lagos.

I forgot to mention earlier that I reside in Warri with my family..so the distance was also a factor.

On the very night before the day I was meant to travel..my parents called me to their room and started advising on the new world I was about entering and how I should tread carefully and also choose my friends wisely and never forget the purpose why I was in the university.

As at 7:00 am, my dad had already dropped me off at the park ..although my Daddy offered to drop me at school in his car I persuaded him not to because I thought it was going be too childish..com’ on I was in 100level after all but I never knew that single decision I made was a total mistake …if only I had considered the thought within me.

On entering the bus .my seat number was directly beside the window but an elderly woman who was sitting very close to me pleaded that we should swap our sitting position because she wasn’t really comfortable sitting in the middle then I reluctantly agreed.

My phone was almost dead and mom was trying to call me …and if it doesn’t go through she’s gonna start panicking and I didn’t want that to happen so I had to think of something… the guy sitting next to me noticed I was a bit tensed then he spoke to me …

At that point, I noticed that I was actually sitting next to a Demigod..like wtf! This guy was something else…the way he spoke, his eyes and lips were mesmerizing…I was totally lost in my imagination..then I felt a hand on my shoulder that literally woke me up from my imagination.

Femi then offered me his power bank to charge my phone…this guy wasn’t just handsome but also kind…like wow. During our conversation, I got to He is also a student of Unilag, studying civil engineering, 400level.

I wasn’t even bothered about the traffic jam around Ore road even though it was already 7 pm, I just wanted to spend more time with Femi..everything about him was so fascinating.

Unfortunately for me, we later got to Lagos by 9 pm ..mommy was already worried and ordered me to take any available cab straight to my hostel. I shouldn’t even talk nor listen to strangers. Femi decided to wait for me till a cab arrives but it was taking forever.

It was already past 10 pm and there was no sign of a cab. Femi suggested that we go to his place which was just a stone throw from the park, a 5-10mins walk. I immediately rejected his offer because I didn’t know this guy and I was scared.

What would be the reaction of my parents if they should find out that I passed the night in a stranger’s apartment..a guy!!. And I already told mummy that I was on my way to the school hostel, to stay courageous.

The clock was ticking so fast. I had to reconsider Femi’s offer, it was just a sleepover after all..nothing more nothing less…” before you know it’s will be morning”. I muttered.

In no time we were already at Femi’s place.. it’s was more like a student lodge but a bit luxurious. Femi felt my uneasiness and he reassured me that nothing was gonna happen to me.

I loosened up …had my bath then I called mommy to inform her that I was already at my hostel. Trust me I felt very bad lying to her but I didn’t want her to get worried over anything.

Femi brought me food but I couldn’t’ eat because I was still scared a bit then he threatened to tickle me if I don’t eat up.

I really thought it was a joke but before I knew it I was already laughing so hard. Like I didn’t see it coming at all I begged him to stop that I was gonna eat but he still kept on tickling me and in no time he was lying on top of me and then our lips met ..my body trembled in fear and excitement.

Femi noticed my reaction and then he pulled me further for a deep kiss ..the walls of defense within me melted away. I wanted to stop him but I couldn’t,.I knew it was wrong but the moment felt right.

I could feel his lips on my neck and that feeling was something I couldn’t’ comprehend. When his hands were moving to my underwear I managed to stop him. I told him I was a maiden that I can’t do it.

He gave me a long touch before or responding… His voice was like that of an angel, his eyes burned with desire..as he spoke “Teni I first noticed your beauty when I entered the bus, trust me I felt blessed sitting next to you ..it was not just coincidence..it was fate that brought us together “.

He professed undying love for me then he asked me to be his girlfriend immediately. I felt really lucky to be the girlfriend of not just an engineering student, but also a demigod…

Femi saw the excitement in my eyes and then he touched me for the longest time in my life and then brought out the protection. My heart missed a beat but I remembered that we were now in a relationship and we both love each other.

The first thrust and pain I felt brought back my senses, I tried to stop but I couldn’t’.. then I realized what just happened. I was no longer a maiden, and I can’t even describe who I just had an unforgettable affection with.!… I lost my virtue to a stranger I met on a bus!.




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